The Institute for Family Policy (IPF) is an independent international civil, founded in 2001, with special consultative status with ECOSOC of the United Nations, whose mission is the promotion and defense of the family institution and helping components.

The Institute for Family Policies (IFP) is an civil organisation non dependent on any government, party or religious organisation.

The IFP was an initiative of a group of people aware of the gap existing in the field of promoting and helping the family before the public opinion and the decision makers, and highlighting the need of building up sinergies between different family organisations both at a national and international level. In the year 2000, IFP was born to fill these gaps.

Our purpose is therefore to increase the awareness towards the recognition of the key role of the family among policy and decision makers, as well as the general public, by means of generating proposals and alternatives, cooperating for social development, and promoting the dialogue and network building between institutions sharing our aims, either at a national or international level.

The Institute has a national scope of performance but aspires to develop at both a European and Latinamerican scale, for which we are working together with similar organisations in different european and american countries.

The Institute will is being a driving force for the adoption of an authentic family policy at every scale (local, regional, national and supranational). With this aim, we study and analyse the family institution and its diverse challenges, threats and opportunities, contributing proposals and alternatives to solve their main difficulties.

The IFP is willing to support other family organisations in order to join efforts for achieving their purpose.

The Institute carries out several activities, such as contributing up-to-date analysis and proposals to the different governments, partys and political administrations; offering consulting services through internet; and organizing courses, seminars and training sessions for experience and good practices sharing and popularizing.