The Institute for Family Policy (IPF) is an independent international civil, founded in 2001, with special consultative status with ECOSOC of the United Nations, whose mission is the promotion and defense of the family institution and helping components.

Family knowledge: to study and analyse the family Institution contributing proposals and alternatives to its diverse challenges, threats and opportunities. Family empowerment: to impel a greater sensibility both in society and in the public administrations on the role of the family, addressing national and local priorities to deal with family issues.

Social protection: to promote the social and cultural development of women, as well as the defense of the children and the elderly within families.

Human rights: to denounce transgressions that attempt against the family and its members.

Partnership for Development: to develop cooperation projects with private or public institutions, both of national and international scope, with special regard to the European Union and America.

Dialogue and communication: To promote the intercultural dialogue between people, associations and either national or international organizations, creating networks for this purpose.